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Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar. He addresses data loss scenarios on a Mac. He intends to help people solve their macOS problems. Besides, Vishal prefers to read autobiographies, and his personal favorite is of Steve Jobs. View More. Hi Ive just purchased my passport for mac, usb-c and time machine ready, Do I need to follow all your steps or is it plug in and ready to go.

Plug-in your drive and start your backups. Formatting means i lose al the data, but i just want to recover deleted files from the external hard drive with stellar… How do i fix this one? Thanks for the support. We would like to inform you that data recovery dependent on factors like data loss reason, the severity of corruption, overwritten activity, etc. We understand the importance of your data and our free trial versions of the applications enable you to confirm the possibility of recovery, even before you purchase the application. Our software scans the hard drive, and using the deep scan it will show you the best possible recovery.

It might be possible the files got overwritten or permanently deleted. Whether you are trying to recover files from an SD card, hunt down deleted video files or find a lost PDF, this Mac app is a lifesaver. Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted. Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar. MENU Close. In Windows Platform: 1.

How it Works

Now, a new hard drive icon will appear on the desktop. On macOS Dock, select Finder. When the Disk Utility opens, choose the Western Digital hard drive icon from the sidebar. You should have wide-open permissions. At the bottom of the tab, next to 'For special permissions or advanced settings. Click to select the Share this folder on the network check box. How do I change permissions for a folder and - Make sure you're connected to your WD - Go to your browser - Type in your sign in info if you have a password set - Type in your search bar: I have the exact same issue although I have for some strange reason a 7mb partition on my 2TB wd passport ultra.

See the answers here for solutions that allow you to do this. I'm trying to use it on another mac and it says I only have read permissions.

How to format a drive for Mac and PC compatibility | MacYourself

Confirm and then you should be all set. Right-click the system drive this is typically drive C , and then click Properties. Click to clear the Allow network users to change my files check box, and then click OK. How to Change File Permissions on Mac This is the most user friendly way to view or adjust file permissions in Mac OS X, it works with anything found in the Finder file system, be it a file, binary, application, or a folder.

How to Format to change this. If I mark it and press return - nothing happens.

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If you have a Mac , then it could be the drive is formatted for a different OS. You should be able to see your name. Any explanations or what to do? How to Make an External Drive Writable on a Mac by Julius Vandersteen When you plug an external hard drive plugged into your Mac, you might prefer to set the permissions so that the drive is only readable, to prevent people from adding files to it, but then later realize you need to make the drive writeable. If not, you can look at the storage capacity and check if it matches with your disk's here, 4TB.

It is important to note that Mac X You can then copy your files back over and set the desired permissions for the external drive.

MacBook External Hard Drive Not Recognized - How to Reformat Western Digital Hard Drive for Mac

Step 3: Write to NTFS external hard drive after getting notified that the drive is mounted successfully. File and folder permissions apply only on drives formatted to use NTFS. If you were able to read and write to the drive before - from your Mac, not a PC, then it means the drive was formatted to FAT Select it and check the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" box and click OK. Grant ownership and permission to the administrator and to the system.

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  • In this case, the port was fine, but the drive lost permissions to the user. At times, a sudden interruption during file transfer may lead to data loss. See this fedoraforum thread for more detail and other options skip down to post I do have the old hard drive, but not the means or the knowledge to hook it up and change the settings that way. I hope this helps somebody. I dont have the computer that this permission was set on any more and cant seem to clear these settings.

    To set this option for external drives, select the drive on your desktop or in the Finder sidebar, and then press Command-I to get information on the drive. In the next 5 minutes read, you will master yourself in formatting a WD My Passport safely and in a manner best suited for sharing your digital files between a macOS and Windows OS. Did you follow the part that explain how to change permission or the part that explain own to take ownership?

    I have no problem reading and writing to the drive using Windows XP. These would also mean the drive itself is also probably not at fault. Looking in the info window you can see that the permissions for the drive only allow for reading. I see that there are several format options as follows:.

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    Aug 8, PM. Page content loaded. Click Erase. That should do it.

    Our favorite external desktop hard drive

    You should then a see it mount on the desktop, and b automatically get a prompt to use the drive for Time Machine - if not, you can go into the Time Machine menu top right of the screen , go to TM Preferences, and select it. Jun 2, AM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.

    Scenario 1: Your WD My Passport hard drive is NTFS-formatted